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What is Centsable Kitchen?

Individual meals made every day in our restaurants that are cooled and packed. Take them home, to work, to school. No grocery store or cooking required!

1. Choose Your Meal Type

Teriyaki Salmon on Cauliflower Rice

Lifestyle Meals

Meals made with more conscious diets in mind. These healthier options are for those trying to eat well and live better!

Homestyle Meals

Meals made for those who are less conscious of their diet. Some of grandma’s favorites, these meals are for those trying to fill up on flavor!
Southern-Style Meatloaf

2. Choose Your Order Method


Surf through our cooler to find your favorites

Online Carryout

Skip the line and get reloaded on your way home

Online Delivery

Save time and gas and sanity

3. Choose Your Plan

Sure, you can order single meals. You can also get bulk discounts without being stuck with a stack of meals by purchasing one of our two Meal Plans. You pay for your meals all at once, but can pick them up whenever you want. No auto-ship, no pending expiration, just as many fresh meals as you need, when you need them available in the restaurant all the time.
5 Meals
$6.00 per meal
10 Meals
$5.75 per meal
30 Meals
$5.00 per meal

Heat & Eat!

Enjoy a delicious meal that matches your lifestyle and your budget