Aim Small Miss Small: Franchisee Focused

September 4, 2019

We are not meant to be all things to all people. Each of us have unique talents, perspectives and expertise that give us extraordinary insights into certain areas, whether that be a degree in data analytics, a work history of general management or hours of personal investigation into the real secrets held within Area 51 (September 20th cannot get here soon enough!). This understanding of our personal strengths led us to radically change the way we support our franchisees, a change that we believe is well outside the industry norm. 

For many years, franchises have supported their franchisees with business consultants. Business consultants are the main point of contact for franchisees, visiting their restaurants, fielding their phone calls and clarifying company updates. They alstend to operate as a human catch-all for the franchisees they worked with, responding to questions about and finding solutions to things they may have limited experience with: my shipment is late, I need help hiring, my deliveries are down, I received a poor Facebook recommendation, Yelp is contacting me, my night crew is over-portioning, the needs and challenges are incredibly varied. 

To get our franchisees more targeted help, we broke Business Consultants out into Marketing Consultants and Training Consultants. Each have work history and expertise in their designated field and have proven their effectiveness in it. Which consultants go to which restaurant in a given period is dependent upon the current ranking of each location on the Goodcents Scorecard (learn more about our scorecard in our previous post here).   

Training Consultants will go into restaurants with operational opportunities and help make them a more well-oiled machine. That can mean training new staff members, putting on specific product workshops or just helping with the overall Goodcents experience. Marketing Consultants will go into restaurants with sales opportunities and drive traffic. That can mean creating local partnerships, putting on reputation management workshops or helping with location visibility.  

We have seen incredible fruits from the labors of our Training Consultants and Marketing Consultants, fruits our franchisees appreciate. A catch-all approach to support works for some and has been an industry norm for a long time, but we believe this move has been a great benefit to us. We look forward to building on this new relational dynamic within our system and to sharing some of those successes with you all in the future.