Living The “P” in TROPIC: Microsoft Excel

August 6, 2019

Living our values is always easier said than done. We are thankful our Director of Marketing Operations & Analytics, Jami Bond, initiated a relationship with Johnson County Community College and brought in William Mitchell to help us live the “P” in TROPIC (Personal Growth) by putting on a Microsoft Excel course for our staff. Excel has been a common topic in the office when discussing areas for professional person growth. The level of proficiency amongst our team when we started was varied, but when we finished everyone felt refreshed and more knowledgeable than when they started.  


The uptick in productivity and clarification in communication caused by this class were immediately visible. Members of our team began coming to whole-staff meetings with clear data composition and conclusions that were not only easier for them to compile but also easier for the rest of the room to absorb. Other members began organizing their budgets and plotting out complicated spends, like 72 individual YouTube campaigns with breaks and varying daily budgets, with, “exponentially greater ease.” 


Not everyone has the same personal growth goals. Some team members are focused on understanding new eLearning authoring software, others are focused on developing Chat Bots, and some want to get their 5K time to under 28 minutes. But, when communal goals arise, we are glad to have a team that is focused on creating opportunities for one another and meeting the challenge head on.  


If you are interested in providing similar opportunities to your team in the Kansas City area, reach out to Jake Akehurst at