Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs Announces Three New Nebraska Locations

April 27, 2017

Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs announced a franchise expansion agreement today including three new locations that will open in the Lincoln, Neb. area this year.

The first new location will open at the corner of 27th and Randolph in Lincoln, Neb. this summer. The second location will open at 84th and Northern Lights Drive this fall. And the third location is in the process of being identified.

These new restaurants will feature the ‘Goodcents of the Future’ experience, including digital menu boards, drive-thru digital ordering kiosks, and new modern interior design. The Goodcents menu includes sub sandwiches ranging from traditional turkey, ham and cheese or meatball, to specialty subs served on its signature freshly baked bread, as well as soups and pastas.

A Coca-Cola Freestyle touch screen soda fountain will offer 165 different Coca-Cola products and custom flavors. And as part of a new local menu twist, Goodcents will also begin serving gourmet coffee from The Mill Coffee & Tea based in Lincoln.

“We’ve had a strong presence in Nebraska for more than 20 years now,” said Scott Ford, president of Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs. “We are so thankful for all of our loyal customers and are excited to continue expanding.”

The new stores will be run by local franchise owners Jeff Barclay and Scott Ritter who currently own three other Goodcents locations across Nebraska. Barclay and Ritter have been part of the Goodcents franchise system since 1999.

“We’ve had great success around the Lincoln area with Goodcents, so this was a natural fit,” said Jeff Barclay, Goodcents Franchise Owner. “We have always been passionate about bringing the best quality food to our community and this is the right time in our business to explore new opportunities.”

Barclay recently received the 2017 Enterprising Gambler Award from the Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA). Barclay and Ritter were also presented the Nebraska Restaurateur of the Year Award in 2016.

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About Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs

Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs, formerly Mr. Goodcents, has more than 25 years experience providing high-quality deli fresh subs, house-baked breads and pasta. Headquartered in DeSoto, Kan., the company is known for is signature bread recipes baked fresh in the restaurants every day, slicing sandwich meats and cheeses to order, and hearty pasta meals. Goodcents has more than 80 locations throughout eight states and were named one of the Top 50 Best Franchises by in 2016. Visit for more information. To connect with Goodcents through Facebook visit or Twitter @EatGoodcents and Snapchat at GoodcentsSubs.